Can one user slow down entire network?

Started by nowcom

Can one user slow down entire network?   08 March 2011, 02:21


I had an interesting situation this past weekend on my network.

One of my clients had her son visit her for the weekend. He decided to download a new Linux operating system which was about 5.5 Gb of data. While that download was taking place, the rest of the network was brought to a complete stand still. There are over 230 users on the network. This user was tracked down and isolated quickly after many calls from other users.

Now here's the confusing part.........
This large data user, like all others, have rules associated to them. This one user can have up to 6 gb of traffic (either direction and the sum of both), then is slowed down to 56k. Period!
They also have a large transfer penalty in place which takes them down to 25% of their allotment after 10Mb. However, even with these rules in place and working, the entire network is stalled completely. It is only when I 'blocked' the user that things were back to normal. No other controls worked. Is there another rule I'm missing to prevent a single user from holding the network ransom until they are blocked totally? It appears that even though they are slowed down for any reason, their data requests still saturate the BWM.

As well, I'm using BWM version 2.8 (build 435). Can this easily be updated with a simple export/import of the rules, without entering them all again manually?

Thank you,

How can 1 user slow down entire network?   12 March 2011, 00:01

I have this same problem. Can someone please help us?

How can 1 user slow down entire network?   09 October 2011, 12:31

Upgrade your BWM

How can 1 user slow down entire network?   30 October 2011, 03:35

He might go through a VPN connection.

Block port 1723,1701 both tcp/udp in destination port

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