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Starband vs. BWM Usage

Started by evergreenbrian

Starband vs. BWM Usage   16 March 2011, 08:10

I have a business network forced to access the internet via Starband satellite. We are limited to 5 GB download per 7 day period, so we work hard to limit the downloads of each of our users.

We have installed a PC with two NIC cards and BWM in between our modem and our router. We have rules created which provide a quota to each IP address in our network (other than the IP addresses of the 2 NIC cards in the BWM computer).

Lately (and this is a new problem), we have seen a consistent and meaningful difference between the total download measured by Starband and the total shown in the daily usage report on BWM. Starband usage is always higher than that reported by BWM. In a given day, BWM may say our total download usage was 450MB. Starband will show 600MB. This is obviously a big concern for us.

I'm trying to understand what could be causing this difference. Could be that someone is using the BWM computer itself to browse the internet as that computer has no quota. Is there any way to create a quota for this machine?

Any other ideas where the mystery usage could be occurring? Are there types of traffic not tracked by BWM rules.


Starband vs. BWM Usage   18 March 2011, 07:20

I have created a rule for the host so I can see what it's usage is, the only difference I have is the host uses lan1 whereas the rest use lan2.

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