Stopping another PC stealing Internet from our network

Started by Raluka

First of all....great software... smile
My problem...I built a small (6 PCs) network for which i share a cable connection under WinXPSP2. I use BM to limit some traffic..
Lately I discovered that one of their client PC is forwarding the connection to another 2 PC. I blocked the MAC address of these 2PCs, so everything is OK. But now I wonder if I could create some rules under BM so that only these 6 "legitimate" PCs have access to the Internet using their MAC addresses...whenever another PC tries to "steal" Internet from our network, BM automatically detects that it has a MAC address that doesn't correspond with the only ones I allow to connect, so it is blocked automatically...

I hope You understand what I'm trying to achieve :p

I wait for answer.


Re: Stopping another PC stealing Internet from our network   29 May 2006, 15:01

1. Create a MAC/IP group (see the tools menu) containing the 6 legitimate mac addresses.
2. Specify this group in the source or destination field of the all the relevant 'allow' rules.
3. Create a catch-all 'Blocked' rule with the source/destination set to 'any ip address' and make sure it is at the bottom of the rules list.

Also bear in mind that mac's are easily forged...

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