wifi speed rules

Started by nipen


wifi speed rules   18 May 2011, 21:05

i want to restrict speed on other laptops other than mine
what kind of rule i should make for that, we use adsl internet connection with wifi

wifi speed rules   26 May 2011, 21:24

You can allocate everyone a single shared maximum bandwidth pool using a single filter, or you can limit each laptop with it's own filter.

There are lots of factors and there's no one-size-fits-all approach. For example it depends on as ADSL speed, Wi-Fi speed, distance from the Wi-Fi AP (if they are to far away and have a low connection speed, then everyone will be slow anyway) etc... and what you surfing habits are of each user etc...

I use Wi-Fi and use Bandwidth Manager for it.

Because Wi-Fi is a shared bandwidth system amongst all nodes/clients, you can use the combined rate which will allow you to set a maximum speed such as 1Mbps per client, but takes in to account both the upload and download speed so they can't have anymore than 1Mbps total of the Wi-Fi throughput.

I've currently switched to different upload/download speeds for my Wi-Fi subnets since the ADSL feeding them is only 700Kbps upstream, 11Mbps downstream.

I've limited each user to 1Mbps downstream, 256Kbps upstream. This is fast enough to view 360p Youtube videos, and most of the time they hardly use 256Kbps upstream anyway.

Also because I use ADSL, which has a slower upstream speed, it's worth turning on the "Transmit short TCp ACK frames with no queue" option in 'options' ---> 'advanced'. This will stop your downloads from slowing down to your upload speed, if your upstream becomes saturated.


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