Allow specific users and block all others

Started by Edmond419


Allow specific users and block all others   03 June 2011, 20:11

Hi all

I have a setup in which it will track all the individual user's bandwidth usage

I want to:
Allow only specific users to access the internet, while blocking all others. But I also want to keep my current setup of tracking individual user's usage. How can I do that?

I tried going about creating a rule at the end of selecting "blocked" net speed, then the source (inverted so it is "Source Is Not"wink is on a group that I created for people that I wanted to allow access, then the destination is "any ip address".

Then I tested the config but the non-allowed users could still access

please help

Allow specific users but block all others   07 June 2011, 09:06

If you already have rules that allow access by IP address, you can block everything else by a filter at the bottom of your existing filters.

If a user's traffic is caught by another filter first, they will still have access. You only need to block everything else last. You shouldn't need to specify IP addresses in a blocked rule on your current setup.

One last rule you will need to have up the top of your list, or before a block rule, is a rule to allow ARP protocol to work. Without this, users would eventually loose access to the Internet because they wouldn't be able to perform address resolution from IP to MAC.


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