Unfair bandwidth sharing?

Started by Aj


Unfair bandwidth sharing?   07 June 2006, 01:27

We are evaluating the software to limit bandwidth from a specific set of client IP range to a web server. We have the BWM installed on the web server, with a rule setup to limit bandwidth of an IP range to local port 80. The bandwidth is limited to 40KB/s. For test purposes, all PCs are on the same LAN.

MWM limits the bandwidth ok, but it doesn’t seem to share the bandwidth equally between the concurrent connections. For example, if two users (PCs) in this IP range are downloading files, the first user seems to get about 30KB/s while the second get 6 to 10KB/s. Once the first user finishes the download, the second user gets the full 40KB/s.

Is there a way to configure the rule or app, such that all users in the IP range will share the bandwidth reasonably fairly?

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Re: Unfair bandwidth sharing?   07 June 2006, 03:03

It should be the TCP/IP stack default behaviour, using DRR (deficit round robin) algorithm but really it isn't so. This is a quite common situation, even in the simplest case: two users are downloaded a file through a single connection, they get different speeds. Unfortunately, I don't know any solutions for that.

Re: Unfair bandwidth sharing?   07 June 2006, 03:53

Ok, Thanks.


Unfair bandwidth sharing?   30 August 2006, 14:31

We are trying to limit bandwidth for users.so that if we have 60Kb/s download rate and there are 4 users that are doawnloading files ,then each one has 15Kbs equally,cause someone use of applications like Download Accelerator and cause that all of Download bandwidth occupy by him/her.

is there any solution for solving this problem?
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Re: Unfair bandwidth sharing?   30 August 2006, 22:18

No. At least the bandwidth manager doesn't support that.

Sometimes you can get the answer faster if you try the forum search and/or have a look at the software user manual to see if your question has already been answered.

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