DHCP and DNS server?

Started by shunt010

DHCP and DNS server?   21 June 2006, 00:58

Hi All,

I'm new to this bandwidth limiting idea, but it looks to me that this program is so much like what I need it's uncanny.

Can anyone possible point me in the direction though of a good DNS and DHCP server that I could run with this, or the best way to go about it?

Basically, I'm using the bandwidth limiter to provide a WISP service, and have DSL on the other network card. I want to provide my WISP customers with an IP address, that my DHCP server gives them.

Also I want a good DNS server that they can query. Any ideas please?

I guess for these two I could theoretically put in place a "catch all" filter too so that any requests to the DNS or DHCP server aren't throttled in bandwidth, so the "network maintenance" type packets go at maximum speed - any comments on this?
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Re: DHCP and DNS server?   21 June 2006, 01:20

Sure, you can put DHCP and DNS requests to a separate rule for fast name queries, but first I'd consider on the network topology: how does your network look like? For example, the simplest way to control wireless clients bandwidth is like this:
Wireless access point(s) - Switch - PC with two NICs and the software - DSL modem
Where the access point does not do any routing, PC does NAT (address translation) and runs DHCP and DNS servers, and finally DSL modem provides an Internet connection for the server that distributes to the clients.

Re: DHCP and DNS server?   21 June 2006, 01:23

Yes, that's the idea.

But the question is what DNS and DHCP software is recommended?
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Re: DHCP and DNS server?   21 June 2006, 01:40

Ah, sorry. I think the best is the built-in Windows services (Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server), both these OSes have flexible DHCP and DNS servers.
Lucas Alexandre

Re: DHCP and DNS server?   22 June 2006, 15:51

Hanewin is a excelent developer of DHCP Server and DNS server...


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