Blocking unknown MAC-addresses with BWM Lite

Started by Schtaaf


Blocking unknown MAC-addresses with BWM Lite   26 June 2006, 01:31

I am testing the BWM Lite (v2.5) and it works great. I run a small ISP and have rules for every user giving bandwidth based on MAC-addresses. The last rule blocks all users having unknown MAC-addresses (blocking TCP/UDP for the whole IP-range).
However, when I look at the DHCP-server statistics I see several unknown users having got IP-address. I don't suspect they get any traffic through the BWM, but I don't want any unknown to even get IP-address!
Is there any way I can prevent this? Perhaps block even more protocols?
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Re: Blocking access with BWM Lite   26 June 2006, 01:54

Depending on your existing rules, you can create a rule that blocks DHCP. DHCP requests from and to your known computers should go through their corresponding rules for their MAC addresses while anyone else is blocked. This rule must be the last.
Rule #N: Block DHCP
 Protocol: UDP
 Rate: Blocked
 Direction: Both
 Source: Any
 Destination: Any : ports 67, 68

Re: Blocking access with BWM Lite   27 June 2006, 16:13

Works great! Thank you!

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