Remote bandwidth management

Started by Jean


Remote bandwidth management   27 November 2005, 09:21

Hello, i'm italian then I'm sorry for the bad english.
I have a network connected to the Internet through a hardware adsl wi-fi router. I would like to limit Internet access speed for some users. The server must have unlimited speed limit, while the others client PC's must have a limited speed limit.
How can i set/control/administrate these speed limits from my server pc?

Thank you, hello.
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Re: Remote bandwidth management   27 November 2005, 22:59

If in your network there is no Windows based gateway, you have to install the bandwidth manager (at least its service component) to each computer to limit its speed. At your server, you should install the GUI component of the bandwidth manager. With it you will be able to connect to the service component on other PCs and manage their bandwidth.

Re: Remote   28 November 2005, 06:11

how can i connect to the servece component on other PCs? and what settings?
thank you
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Re: Remote   28 November 2005, 08:40

When you run the bandwidth manager GUI it asks how where would you like to connect to (default: localhost).

A rule can be something like this:
Protocol: TCP/UDP
Source: local host
Destination: Any

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