Losing internet connection

Started by JohnM


Losing internet connection   06 December 2005, 07:24


I downloaded the latest trial of SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager and after I reboot my computer I'm unable to connect to the internet. The internet firewall is disabled and and the Sygate Firewall is stopped.
I have the same problem on two computers. Both have Windows XP SP2. I checked for a log in the installation directory but there isn't any.

So what could be the reason that I can't connect to the internet?



Re: Losing internet connection   06 December 2005, 07:27

Btw, I read in another thread: "At the moment we know that the SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager is not compatible with Sygate personal firewall".

I want to remind you that Sygate Firewall is disabled; its service is set to disabled and after a reboot I'm still unable to connect to the internet.
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Re: Losing internet connection   07 December 2005, 00:14

Unfortunately this is not enough. When the Sygate firewall is disabled, its kernel remains unloaded that causes a conflict with our software. The Sygate NDIS driver makes a dirty hook by modifying the TCPIP.SYS module image. This makes co-existence with Sygate very difficult.

Re: Losing internet connection   01 January 2006, 09:17

losing internet connection when pop up appear from micrisoft
Emmanuel de la Rocha

Re: Losing internet connection   24 January 2006, 05:10

I'm having the same problem but i don't have this firewall i install the service and when the pc reboots it can't connect to the entire network, and when i uninstall the service everything gets back to normal

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