quota calculations

Started by Gavin


quota calculations   17 December 2005, 11:40

Hi guys,

It would be good if you could check an option to calculate quota's by total traffic. IE: send+receive = total. I remember you tried this in a special version I tested a long time ago, although it would be good if it was in the public release so it's available with other future upgrades.

Since you can set a seperate filte for send and receiv traffic, each with their own quota, I thought it would good if a single bi-directional filter had it's quota calculated on total traffic rather than wait until send or receive hits the quota first.


Re: quota calculations   17 December 2005, 11:40

Oh yeah, this forum doesn't display in FireFox web browser. Had to hunt out IE to post this.


Re: quota calculations   17 December 2005, 14:29

I think I've found my own answer after some more playing. If I create a single quota, but make two filters, one for send and the other for receive, then link them both to the same quota, then does that have the effect of changing speeds on total traffic this way?

The only problem with this way is that I can't have a different bitrate for the upload filter compared with the download filter, without having two quota's in which case I'm back to square one with quota's based on total traffic sent/received. But it's handy to know the one quota can be used for a total send/receive setup if using the same bitrate for both send and receive.

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Re: quota calculations   18 December 2005, 06:33

Thank you for pointing us to the issue with FireFox. It has just been fixed. As to your suggestion regarding quotas, it is almost ready to be published. Please send a message to support@softperfect.com and we will send you an URL to download it. As soon as we test it fully, it will be available for public.

Re: quota calculations   18 December 2005, 14:28

Great stuff, can read the lines in FireFox now smile I've flicked you an email re the beta with quota calculations. I have 24 days left to test the quota's thereabouts once installed. I think that's what current reease had left when I removed it today.

Re: quota calculations   19 December 2005, 07:38

Seems to work great so far. Most ISP's in New Zealand run on total traffic rather than download only so it's a great choice to have that option. I will continue to test it setting low quota's each time over and over to make sure all is well.

My ISP limits upstream to 128Kbps, much slower than downstream and they work on a summed quota. When you reach the quota both up and down it slows to 64Kbps.

Although it would be handy to still have one filter for up and one for down, with them still have a quota that sums (non-bidirectional). But that's probaly more problematic and/or complex to create? Just sounds messy with the way the quota and filter system currently interact.

BTW, latency is hugely better just putting BWM in front of my exsisting connection. When it's slowed to 64Kbps (the same as my connection when over ISP's quota which it is at the moment) instead of bursting data between 0-32KB per second to average out 64Kbps, BWM catches those high peak packets and queues them which in turn instead of having low bandwidth drop outs and higher latency from my ISP, it evens the ISP's traffic shaping out much better and increasing average response time much better. Much better for sharing even under such a slow connection speed.


Re: quota calculations   19 December 2005, 07:52

Just registered on the forum as kiwi_rock now.

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Re: quota calculations   19 December 2005, 09:44

By design, if you create two (or more rules) rules that points to a single quota, these rules will be independent. For example, if the quota permits 100 MB per week, as soon as one of these two rules reaches the limit, it will be throttled. When two rules reach the limit, both will be throttled. In other words, they do not depend on each other.

Anyway, with that new build you can force a quota to sum incoming and outgoing traffic volumes. This functionality will be incorporated in the public release shortly.

Re: quota calculations   19 December 2005, 11:31

Keeping on the quota topic, do all LAN adaptors show up as Local Area Connection, or as LAN interface 1, LAN interface 2 etc... (I'm still trying to find my second adaptor here somewhere).

Some ISP's don't charge for national traffic and one I'm looking at. This could be passed on through the BWM machine by handling International (with quota's) and National (without quota's) traffic via different Interfaces such as:

Interface #1: (Workstations subnet)
Interface #2: (International traffic)
Interface #3: (National traffic)

Rules for IP's (or MAC's) setup but on Interface #2 (to limit speed and put a quota on traffic)

Rules for the same IP's (or MAC's) setup this time on Interface #3 (to limit speed with NO quota's for traffic)

No rules setup on Interface #1 so local services run full speed.

Obviousley this comes with some trickery IP forwarding in Windows with static routes aswell as a few on the Internet gateway devices back to the BWM machine to accomplish. But I wonder if this is possible if BWM treats each LAN adaptor individually or as a collective when setting rules.

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Re: quota calculations   20 December 2005, 07:32

You are talking about static routing. The bandwidth manager is not a router, if static routing like this would be configured, the manager can throttle it and apply quotas as described. In other words, the bandwidth manager is unable to route traffic through different interfaces (this is the job for the OS kernel), but can work with already routed traffic.

Re: quota calculations   20 December 2005, 08:30

Cool that's all I was mainly trying to figure out before loading this PC up with network cards and using windows in-built IP Forwarding. Just wasn't sure if BWM treated each adaptor seperately rather than as a group of adaptors under LAN. But got that sussed now.

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