Dedicated server XP machine with 2 network cards

Started by bill


Dedicated server XP machine with 2 network cards   18 December 2005, 00:55

My network is configured as such:
1 dedicated server XP machine with 2 network cards. 1 card goes out to a series of 10/100mbit 5port hubs, the other card is connected to a cable modem.

The 2 hubs (One linksys, one d-link, btw) feed signals to a total of 5 leaf computers with static IPs.

I want to limit the upload of each of the leaf computers to a MAX of 30k/s, and guarantee a rate of 10k/s for each computer when they request it.

I have a rule set up to limit tcp/udp outgoing from one of the machines MAC addresses, to any port and any destination IP on the cable interface, but it does not effect that machine at all. I have tried every possible combination and it does not seem even like the service is running. It shows it has 14k output in the history, but thats it.
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Re: Dedicated server XP machine with 2 network cards   18 December 2005, 02:41

You should watch the traffic on the LAN interface, not on the cable one. A rule may look as follows:

Protocol: TCP/UDP
Direction: Incoming
Rate: 30000 bytes/sec
Interface: LAN (that connected to the hubs)
Source: MAC address of a machine
Destination: Any

Please let me know how it works for you.

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