Quota rule is not counting traffic

Started by Martin

Quota rule is not counting traffic   09 December 2017, 09:01

Good Day Softperfect support, could you kindly assist. I have been working on the software version release 2.9.16 for years without problems. This week I decided to upgrade to the latest version. I have setup a quota rule for IP address With the new version and I am unable to count the traffic used by Ip address I had stream a video file on youtube for an hour and the usage report only indicate amount use less than 1Mb. This cannot be right.
I tried to revert back to the trusted and working version 2.9.16 and now it comes up with connection error and socket errors and if I leave it the computer gives a blue screen. After while it reboots and start up but gets the blue screen again. When I disable the Bandwidth Manager under the LAN properties then no blue screen is presented. So I am not sure why and what is causing this. May I ask you to help me setup a rule for quota correctly please. I can provide teamviewer or logmein access .

Please find attachment with some screenshots for the rule setup.

Your help is appreciated.

Re: Quota rule is not counting traffic   09 December 2017, 09:03

Apologies, the attachment file is too large as it is screenshot of the rule setup. If you provide me with an e-mail addres I can e-mail it to you. Please reply on receipt of this mail.

Thank You.
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Re: Quota rule is not counting traffic   09 December 2017, 10:06

Martin, please send your screen shot here and provide as much information as you can.

In addition, run File - Export Ruleset from the main menu, compress the resulting DB file into ZIP and attach to your message, so we could check what's going on.

Re: Quota rule is not counting traffic   27 December 2017, 04:00

Andrew, I am not sure what is going on with your new version. I have been using 2.9.16 for many years without any problems. Now that I have upgraded to the latest version it is not working. I have tried your suggestions and still it is not counting the traffic correctly. Also by trying to revert back to the old trusted version, now I cannot do so any more. This is quite frustrating. Can you please assist me in getting my old version working again as I have lost my trust in the latest version. Your reply is appreciated.
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Re: Quota rule is not counting traffic   27 December 2017, 10:43

Sorry, versions 2.9.x are more than 8 years old, we don't have them any more and I am afraid cannot provide support for them.

I have suggested a few troubleshooting steps in our private conversion in the Contact Centre, but haven't heard back from you since then.

If you still have a 2.9.16 installation package, I'd recommend a clean install: that is perform a clean install of Windows followed by installing version 2.9.16.
If not, or this isn't a feasible option, then please reply back in the Contact Centre with Team Viewer access to both the server and the computer whose traffic is not recorded, so we could test it and check what's going on there.

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