BW Manager and configuration

Started by Matteo Forni

Matteo Forni

BW Manager and configuration   18 December 2005, 21:41

I'm interested on buying BWmanager. I have two questions.
I would run a windows gateway with BW manager on a very critical network. It should be everytime up or I will loose a lot of money. Is this software stable?

2)How have I to configure the windows gateway and bw limiter in order to limit the bandwidth of my servers? I do not want to change the IPs of my server and they are public.

the newtork is configured as below:

DSL ROUTER ( network --- SWITCH --- servers (62.2.78.x)

and with the new gateway it should be:
DSL ROUTER (network --- GATEWAY (62.2.78.b) --- SWITCH ---- SERVERS (62.2.78.x)

is possible without create a new network class?


SoftPerfect Support forum - Andrew avatar image

Re: BW Manager and configuration   18 December 2005, 21:53

1) Yes, the software is stable but to be sure, you may wish to configure the SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager service to restart on a failure. Take a look at the Recovery tab at the 'Services' control panel applet when viewing the service properties. This will force Windows to restart the service or even reboot the PC in case of a failure. Moreover, I would recommend to test it carefully in your environment within the 30-days trial period before purchase.

2) The simplest way to do so, it so place a PC running Windows with two network cards between the DSL router and switch and then merge the two network cards into a bridge using internal bandwidth manager bridging (see Tools - Bridging from the main menu).

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