BWM upload problem

Started by Vasi


BWM upload problem   02 January 2006, 21:47


I have a problem with BWM...My PC is a windows XP Server with an Internet Connection ( Cable Modem, USB). I use BWM to limit the speed of 5 clients who use my ICS to connect to the internet. My broblem do I limit the upload speed of the server? I use the server to upload tones of data, but the upload slows my download speed....I want to create a rule to limit my upload speend without affecting my download speed. I tried to create such a rule but as a secundary effect my download speed was also decreased togeather with my upload speed. Could You please help me?

Thank You!
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Re: BWM upload problem   02 January 2006, 22:50

That's not a simple question. In general, you may try enabling the 'Transmit short TCP ACK frames with no queue' option in the bandwidth manager options, and then create a rule limiting outgoing bandwidth on the modem interface. Note that all the users who upload data through the ICS connection also will be affected.

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