Bandwidth Manager compared to Linux/BSD

Started by Alex.M

Bandwidth Manager compared to Linux/BSD   05 January 2006, 00:58

This is just a pure curiosity question because I see that most people don't use a Windows box for routing : how would you describe Bandwidth Manager solution compared with other traffic shaping solutions like tc+cbq/htb from Linux , dummynet from BSD ?
I'm more interested in shaping mechanism than in performance between these solution on a same machine (I see people proud for their P3 500Mhz system that can route 40mbps with all traffic shaping, but I'm not interested in running a gateway on the cheapest/slowest machine I can find smile )
Thanks and apologise if my question is out of place.
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Re: Bandwidth Manager compared to Linux/BSD   05 January 2006, 02:01

Well, basically there are three algorithms widely used for bandwidth management TBF (Token Bucket Filter), DRR (Deficit Round Robin) and HTB (Hierarchical Token Bucket). Unlike Linux tools, our Bandwidth Manager currently implements only TBF. This makes possible static bandwidth allocation but without guaranteed rates and traffic prioritization. Due to the imperfection of the TBF algorithm, in the future we are going to implement the HTB to add traffic prioritization features into our product. Moreover, there are customers who ask us for this bandwidth manager for Linux/Unix. I am unsure if they know about the built-in Linux kernel features or not, but this is a fact. Besides internet gateways, some customers use our software for traffic shaping on their web-servers, especially if they run a web-hosting company where Windows based servers is a must.

Hope I answered your question.

Re: Bandwidth Manager compared to Linux/BSD   05 January 2006, 17:43

Thank you very much for your answer!Looking forward for HTB implementation!

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