Lost statistics

Started by Barry


Lost statistics   18 January 2006, 11:19

Any reason why the bandwidth manager would lose statistics?

I have 4 rules which are reading less data transfer this morning then there where yesterday when I checked them. (One rule has lost 1200mb)

The system did crash yesterday, and thats all I can think off. Would this cause this, if so this is a massive inconvenice as I need the quotas to stay right.

What can be done?
Backup the statistics every hour (which file holds them?)
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Re: Lost statistics   18 January 2006, 21:18

Does the server use the NTFS file system? Normally nothing cause lose stats as the bandwidth manager uses an ACID compliant database engine (SQLite) with transactions.

Basically there are two places with traffic counters:

1. Each rule has two counters of incoming and outgoing packets processed. These counters are for information only, you see them when look at the rule stats. These numbers do not affect the manager operation in any way. If these counters are lost, any quotas are not affected. These numbers are saved to file on a successful shutdown or any manual rule changes.

2. Day by day bandwidth statistics are stored in an internal database (file BWMSVC.DB). When you choose Tools - Usage Report you see the data from the database grouped by date. These stats are also used for quotas. When you reset/lose these stats it may affect current quotas (if defined).

I suppose due to the crash you lost the rule counters, but the database should remain undamaged. Check the rule stats abd day by day stats, now they will be different. If the day by day counters are greater than the rule counter - don't worry, quotas still work correctly.

Re: Lost statistics   18 January 2006, 22:20

Thanks Andrew.

Yeah, the server uses NTFS.

I checked the rules stats for each day of the month and the rule 'that lost 1200mb' comes to almost 3000mb, which sounds about right. The manager still only shows 1gb used, but as long as quotas will remain unaffected thats fine.

Still a minor inconvience but, any chance in the future you could make it that the stats link up (rule stats update from the mwmsvc.db file). Do it on GUI start or something.
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Re: Lost statistics   18 January 2006, 23:02

Sure, I have just added a comment into our to-do list. We will fix it in the nearest release.

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