half duplex accountability?

Started by kiwi_rock

half duplex accountability?   07 January 2008, 08:41

This is something that would be handy although not important:

I'm not sure if I've ever suggested this in the past; An option not just to choose outgoing/incoming or both traffic directions per filter, but also taking full/half duplex options in to account when selecting "both" on each filter.

On a Wi-Fi access point for example with a connection speed of 1Mbps (half-duplex in nature), I'd like to know when I set a filter to 128Kbps for traffic in both directions for an IP address or MAC, all that user has up or down doesn't go over a grand total of 128Kbps up and down combined.

If I choose 128Kbps in 'both' directions that means a node can use 256Kbps of the 1Mbps half-duplex bandwidth available. I can of course set a filter for 64Kbps for 'both' but I don't want a user to have to have 64Kbps downloads in order to make sure they don't chew more than 128Kbps.

It's not a big drama but I thought perhaps someone else might find this handy aswell if they have BWM running on the other side of a Wi-Fi access point or intergrated with a SoftAP enabled wi-fi card on the same PC. Where filters = the grand total of bandwidth allowed for up and down.

Just a thought,

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half duplex accountability?   07 January 2008, 12:19

In simple words, you would like to be able to set a combined speed for bidirectional rules? For example, to let a 128K combined limit so the sum of uploads and downloads does not exceed 128K?

half duplex accountability?   07 January 2008, 12:37

In simple words yes smile

Perhaps in programming not that simple?


PS: My ISP must be filtering email from the forum, I don't seem to get email notifications.
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half duplex accountability?   07 January 2008, 19:05

No, it's fairly simple in programming too, but requires a lot of attention while modifying the existing code. I have just implemented the support of combined (upload + download) transfer limits. If you'd like to try out the new build, please let me know smile

half duplex accountability?   07 January 2008, 21:21

But of course smile

I'll backup my BWM Lite rules and uninstall this one. I may even get around to getting a standard version license one of these days, think I've said that b4. Something tells me the modification will be to the standard build wink

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half duplex accountability?   08 January 2008, 00:08

You definitely deserve a free license for the Std version for your useful thoughts and comments. While changes mentioned in this thread will be included into both Std and Lite packages, which you can give a go.

half duplex accountability?   08 January 2008, 07:58

Thanks Andrew! I've sent you an email.

So far the Lite version appears to run really well with those changes. It makes slicing up wi-fi bandwidth much easier. It's almost like a small version of dynamic bandwidth for half-duplex links smile but with capped speeds per IP.

I can see the other changes you've made such as remember bits per second display when you go to edit a filter etc... and future works such as notification. Nice one.

I'm running the Lite special build on a Win2K machine also running an older version of Zone Alarm firewall and BWM runs quite well without the need for the firewall friendly version.


half duplex accountability?   28 February 2008, 19:26

The standard version build with the "combined" feature is still working really well for me.

It makes managing wi-fi bandwidth so much easier.

I've put BWM on an older PIII 800 with 4 NICs, one of which is a Wi-Fi adaptor. I haven't found any problems.

Question, What's the easiest way to backup daily traffic report data? That way when the next build/beta is available I won't loose the traffic history?

Kind Regards,
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half duplex accountability?   13 March 2008, 15:24

We try to preserve all the existing data if a newer release is installed over, but a backup is sometimes of vital importance. To do a complete data backup, simply copy the files bwmsvc.db (this contains quotas and daily stats) and rules.xml (this obviously contains rules and configuration) from the installation folder to a safe place.

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