Burstable bandwidth

Started by gaurav garg

gaurav garg

Burstable bandwidth   20 January 2006, 20:04

Sir i am testing ur software from last three days.it's good

1. i have a 1 mbps lease line & 10 pc. i capped all pc's at 100kbps. but when their are less user like 3-4 then i wanna that they share remaining bandwidth till another user come tell me the solution.. (Include a feature for Burstable bandwidth & committed bandwidth.)

2. Integrate any web interface for controlling it from anywhere in the world using the global ip & without need for installing gui their...

3. Crate a option for log for every client what a client is accessing like site or file which is accessed.

If u include these features in ur software then it will be more popular.. because these are the "Necessity"

i will wait for your answer

Gaurav Garg
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Re: Burstable bandwidth   20 January 2006, 21:00

Thank you for the comments.

1. Unfortunately the current version of the software does not support dynamic bandwidth (re)allocation. However, that's a most wanted feature and we are going to implement is asap.

2. Cannot promise that. Using the GUI even from anywhere in the world is more effective as it requires less traffic volume. You can store the GUI completely on a floppy disk or USB stick with no need to install it.

3. Good suggestion, we will be thinking how it could be made

Re: Burstable bandwidth   22 January 2006, 18:33

Thanks for ur answer.

can u tell me
when u are going to release a version dynamic bandwidth allocation...
is it will be in ur next version if yes then when u are going to launch it..

or if u have created any beta version then i am ready to test it as a beta tester


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