Suitable for student house?

Started by Wouter Meijer

Wouter Meijer

Suitable for student house?   26 January 2006, 00:16

I'm living with six other students. We are currently sharing a 2 Mb /384 Kb connection with the use of a router. The problem is that the download speed almost reduces to zero when someone is uploading (for example, by using Limewire). I think a bandwidth manager could solve this problem by limiting some user's upload speed.

Is it possible to give each active user a percentage of the speed available? For example, when two users are active, they can together use all speed, when seven are active, everyone gets the same share.

The lite product is sufficient or do I need the more expensive one?

Re: Suitable for student house?   26 January 2006, 02:14

Softperfect Bandwidth Manager only supports static bandwidth allocation. (each person gets a fixed share of bandwidth)

What you want is bandwidth prioritisation (SP?). SPBW doesn't yet support this, but there is software out there that will do this.
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Re: Suitable for student house?   30 January 2006, 19:09

Thanks, Barry. Yes, currently the bandwidth manager only supports static allocation. You could give the downloaders a fixed maximum transfer rate, but it will remain the same even if the internet link is not busy.

We're working on dynamic allocation and guranteed rates smile

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