Throttling rule for HTTP/S traffic for all network users

Started by Andrew MacBeth

Andrew MacBeth

Throttling rule for HTTP/S traffic for all network users   31 January 2006, 17:36

Hi There -

I just downloaded, quickly trialled and then purchased your software...

It's great, does exactly what I want - but I do have one quick question..

What I've done, is set up a throttling rule for HTTP/S traffic for all network users. They are on the internal network 192.168.1.x. This works great, no worries at all.

In addition, I wanted to try out the quota system - or alternatively putting in additional rules for people who might complain about slow access (who genuinely need it). This would "ignore" the throttling rule, as another takes precedence.

So what I did was create a new rule, just for me (for my MAC addy). This rule simply limits all HTTP traffic to 10MB before it locks out (using the quota facility).

What I'm finding is happening, is that my traffic is being ignored by the rule I created for myself, and being picked up by the "main" rule.

Are rules processed in the order of precedence? In ISA server and in normal routing tables, if a condition is found to be true, the packet is processed on that rule.

As hard as I try, I cannot get any HTTP traffic from me to go in on that rule, as long as the other "ALL Destination" rule exists.

Does this mean you cannot have "conflicting" addresses in the aggregate of addresses in all the rules? Do I need to set up a whole bunch of rules (1 per IP, or group of IPs) as you cannot use "default" or hierarchical rules?

Thanks for your help.

Andrew Macbeth

Re: Rules   31 January 2006, 17:56

Ahhh Pah!.. It was my fault. I forgot I was using a proxy server and the default port was 8080!!!!

Software works as it should do..... I was only blocking port 80.

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