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Started by Lucas Alexandre

Captive Portal   26 July 2008, 04:06

Is possible to do a captive portal with BWM + SQUID ? :S

Captive Portal   26 July 2008, 06:39

Use a redirect rule at the end of your BWM rules for the users to catch all unregistered users before your "block all" rule.

This redirect rule redirects them to your "unsubscribed page" (don't forget to allow access to this).

Sorry about the delay in getting back to your email, have been away for a few days and just got back!

Captive Portal   26 July 2008, 08:16

Thanks Sam smile

Is there any way to use Captive Portal with authentication?

PS: I'm using Squid 2.7 Transparent smoothly. I read an excellent article explaining the use of the parameters cache_mem and cache_dir.

Thx !

Captive Portal   27 July 2008, 00:32

I use my own CGI scripts to do this.

I believe others have had success with PHP and XML type scripts. Whatever you end up doing, it needs to talk to the BWM via the XML API.

What I do is to use CGI scripts to add the rules, and then run a script every 15 minutes to adjust throttles, etc, and to remove expired users.

Captive Portal   27 July 2008, 03:36

Sam, you have interest in marketing this type of solution? (Captive Portal)
Charley Andreassen

Captive Portal   13 January 2011, 09:51

I was reading in October that this sort of functionality was going to be around either in version BWM 3.xx or as a program to be marketed separately. Any update to this? I'd be very interested if it were available.

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