Dynamic bandwith control

Started by svivar


Dynamic bandwith control   12 February 2006, 04:52

Hi all,

The new version is a dynamic bandwidth control ?

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Re: dynamic bandwith control   12 February 2006, 14:14


Re: dynamic bandwith control   16 February 2006, 16:29

plz.. include a feature of brustale bandwidth like bandwidthcontroler software. u can check their software in trail verision.

Re: dynamic bandwith control   16 February 2006, 17:20

Andrew has already said that he will be adding that in a future version

Re: dynamic bandwith control   17 February 2006, 06:51

I would imagne a dynamic bandwidth scheme would increase initial reponse times when fetching websites though. Perhaps a downside to the dynamic theory.

Dynamic bandwidth sounds like a good option although I can't see it being as responsive as a constant bitrate knowing that the link it is sharing is not saturated when you go to pull up a webpage. I know it would have to re-calculate the bandwidth so each user has a fair share, however it would increase latency somewhat from a technical point of view would it not?

Still on trial version of lite since I had to reformat anyway but hope to purchase one day as my DSL is getting a free speed upgrade, then I'll definately need to control bandwidth.

Re: dynamic bandwith control   17 February 2006, 06:53

I also tried the other product mentioned in these posts. I had nothing but problems with it. It was limited in filters, when you get close to even a hundred filters it would take FOREVER to refresh the managers filters etc... as in minutes! Softperfect is by far a better solution, less buggy, and whether it uses realmode or usermode to carry out its tasks, it works and works great full stop.


Re: dynamic bandwith control   21 February 2006, 23:57


if u can not include the feature of dynamic bandwidth allocation then u are requested to include a feature of bandwidth policy. i have many computers when i wanna change the speed of all pc's then i need to change each rule. if u include a feature for creating bandwidth polices. then it will be tooo easy.

Plz.. answer.

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Re: dynamic bandwith control   22 February 2006, 12:33

You may consider using quotas.

Define a quota with the specified normal speed (say 100 KBps), set its reduced rate to a lower value (say 50 Kbps). As a condition to switch rates choose a number of megabytes. If you don't want to switch rates, choose an unreachable amount (say 1000000 MBytes).

After that, create your rules and assign them the quota. You've done it smile

Now, to change the transfer rate for all the rules, just open the quota and change its transfer rate. All the rules will be updated automatically.

In your case quotas work as traffic polices plus the rates can be changed automatically depending on usage.

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