Excessive Bandwidth Usage

Started by evergreenbrian

Excessive Bandwidth Usage   07 September 2008, 14:58


Hoping you can help with a confusing issue. I have recently installed Bandwidth Manager on a server with 2 NIC cards running ICS. I have established quotas for every IP address in our LAN. The goal is to make sure we don't exceed that bandwidth usage limits of our satellite internet provider (all that's available in our remote area).

We've noticed excessive usage from 1 IP address in our system ( Unfortuately, we cannot identify a device that has that IP address. We've checked all computers, print servers, etc and can find nothing. When we ping that address, the request times out. I've tried a tracert command as well which made it through one strange hop labelled internetserver.mshome.net and then failed.

Any thoughts?

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Excessive Bandwidth Usage   08 September 2008, 21:36

This could be another active network device such as switch, router or whatever else you have got on the network. I would recommend to run an advanced network scanner such as nmap against this host to see if it can discover more information that might shed light on the issue.

Excessive Bandwidth Usage   09 September 2008, 04:40

Thanks for the advice. I'm checking all devices today.

One follow up question: If I add a wireless access point to my network will Bandwidth Manager apply my daily quota to wireless clients individually based on their IP addresses or will it apply the daily quota to the IP address of the wireless access device or both?

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Excessive Bandwidth Usage   14 September 2008, 23:45

It depends on how the AP has been configured. If it works as a router, all the wireless clients may be seen as a single IP address that belongs to the AP. If it works as a bridge, all the wireless clients can be identified and their bandwidth can be shaped as required.

BWM allow no traffic after a couple hours   07 November 2008, 17:19


Using BWM 2.5/win2000 in bridge mode , the clients loose internet connection after a couple hours they are connected ,after i restart the server problem goes away for a few hours,what is the problem ?

p.s server is not locked , cpu usage is low and lan connections are live (ping verifecation)
Thank you

Excessive Bandwidth Usage   07 November 2008, 21:27

why are you using version 2.5? :S go to 2.9b !

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