Information about network protocols

Started by Arya


Information about network protocols   23 February 2006, 18:18

U are really doing a good job. but i have complaint.
last time when u updated ur software u added many new protocols but u have not added any information for each protocol.

Plz.. update ur help or tell me about the protocols for which which purpose which protocol to use.

i wanna know the main difference between any ip based & any protocol.
Plz.. help.
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Re: Information about network protocols   23 February 2006, 18:40

Each protocol can be used in a particular case. GRE is used for virtual private networking, AH and ESP are used to secure IP traffic. The difference between 'Any' and 'Any IP based' is as follows:

'Any' means really anything going through the network card (including non-IP protocols). In practice this means it will catch widely used ARP protocol, low level LLC and PPP frames, and so on.

'Any IP based' means any protocol on the IP layer (that is TCP/UDP/ICMP as well as upper level protocols HTTP, POP3, ICQ and so on.

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