no disk space errors in log

Started by shunt010

no disk space errors in log   19 November 2008, 07:20

Hi Andrew

I've noticed some interesting things in my logfile.

The first one was a continuous loop of the TD thing, which carried on for some time. I had to reboot to server to clear this.

The second was a thing where the BWM was convinced there was no disk space then again blocked the ethernet port from working, which needed a reboot. I then looked and there was 450mb of space available.

Any ideas about these bizarre errors? I never used to get these faults in earlier versions such as 2.6.

Has some core been changed which could account for these things?
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Strange errors in log   19 November 2008, 09:03

Windows still needs swap/page file space on the hard drive for virtual memory. 450MB of free hard drive space (if this is where you swap file is stored) is cutting it a little tight depending on your setup.

I run a fixed 1.5GB swap file on my BWM machine, it just optimises virtual memory access times from the hard drive a little better for me. Each person has different requirements though so usually it's not recommended to tweak virtual memory unless you know what you're doing.

I would free up some space on that drive though if I were you.


Strange errors in log   19 November 2008, 09:53

It's a fixed swap file.

Just to be on the safe side, I've resized the partition. It was originally a 4gb drive, but when I upgraded the server, etc, etc (it was all originally built on an old computer to test the viability of it as a commercial venture, before I spent any money on the thing), I decided to simply "clone" the hard drive and stick the old computer on the side as a backup.

Hence the 4gb partition stuck, even though it's now a 250gb HDD.

The swapfile was fixed at 850mb, so I'm not sure that was accounting for the extra space being taken up. The squid cache is memory only, about 64mb, so I can't see that suddenly freeing up space on a reboot.

It's a bit odd. Now it's got about 245gb free, it will be interesting to see what does happen, but with 450mb free I was surprised it was doing odd things, so thought I'd mention it in case there's a bug in there somewhere.
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Strange errors in log   19 November 2008, 13:25

I am not so sure why the system returned the 'There is not enough space on the disk' error. This might be due to a NTFS quota in effect, or file system corruption. If it happens again, please let me know, but we have never encountered this error during testing.

What concerns me more is the repeatedly occurred 'Access violation at address 004A9F13' error. Clearly it occurs after a problem in parsing a XML request, which as far as I remember you make from your own software. I hope to make all the XML parsing well-checked before the release of version 2.9, so the engine could report what's wrong with the XML request rather than just fail.

Strange errors in log   19 November 2008, 22:10

Hi Andrew.

I'll keep an eye on the disk space. I've made more free space, which hopefully if nothing else should cover over the error. I suspect that it's probably not due to the bandwidth manager, since I was running quite close to the wind.

How my system basically works is it reports back to the server the group ID, etc. Sometimes this appears to go wrong for some reason, I think it's because every 15 minutes I update the speed of all the rules, to give a kind of dynamic allocation (the user's speed is determined from their current load on the system, the package they're on and most importantly, their RSSI in the AP's. I find if you throttle a user to approximately 70% of their throughput on the AP, then the pings stay low and a weak user doesn't pull down the throughput of users at 54mbps). If while it's doing this, the user tops up or changes their account to a different computer, it seems to get a little confused, and sends the BWM an invalid command (normally asks for statistics from a non-existent rule).

I think it's probably my fault for not doing double-checks with the BWM that the rule actually exists before reading the statistics, but in the earlier versions this wasn't really an issue, so I just interpreted the error command and updated the databases accordingly. Just recently though it seems to occasionally upset the BWM and cause this error.

Thanks again for a great piece of software! I don't think it's a fault as such with the BWM, I'm probably trying to do things with it that aren't strictly speaking supposed to be done - relying on an error message never is a good practice, but it makes things work faster than checking all the rules exist before reading their statistics.

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