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Started by Rich2871

Recommended Hardware Setup   28 December 2008, 02:56

What are the others here using for their hardware before and after the computer controlling SBM? I have had some problems getting my hardware to stay connected. I have the satellite modem ---> RV042 VPN router ---> Computer running SBM ----> WRT300N.

I can connect to the internet without the WRT300N wireless router but I just got disconnected from the modem.

What is suggested for hardware for roughly 8 users. I would like to be able to have wireless as well (if not too difficult to setup) but not needed at first.

For the day or so the vpn router was in line SBM worked great, Just a pain to setup.
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Recommended Hardware Setup   28 December 2008, 22:07

Have you found which part in the chain actually fails with time? One of the routers or the computer with SBM? If the latter, did it write anything useful into its log (see Tools - Event Log from the main menu)?

As to the hardware setup, 8 users is a light load, so any machine with at least 256 MB of RAM and a 800+ Mhz CPU would suit perfectly.

Recommended Hardware Setup   29 December 2008, 01:43

I was curious as to what routers/switches others are using before and after SBM computer

Recommended Hardware Setup   29 December 2008, 19:41

I have tried all sorts of equipment and SBM has worked quite well. Here's my current setup (quite complex):
Internet ADSL (PPP over ATM 5Mbps down/ 800K up)
DLINK adsl router with NAT and Wi-Fi on channel 6  (has wi-fi clients connecting full speed to Internet).
Intergrated switch
Wired network ---- (a few clients and VoIP)
Edimax wireless access point in bridge mode ch.13
2.4KM link (8Mbps)
Edimax wireless access point in bridge mode ch.13
     | (NIC 1)
SBM router also running VPN and HTTP Server (no NAT no bridge)
     | (NIC 2)                                   | (NIC 3)
Wired network                        Wireless AP
     |                                              |
Clients/VoIP                          More Clients

I have a few static routes on the DLINK adsl router so clients and certain Internet traffic can be forwarded to my remote segments on NIC 2 and NIC 3 via the SBM router. The SBM router has a default route back to the DLINK adsl router with IP forwarding enabled in the registry.

Wired and wireless clients that connect behind the SBM segment on NIC 2 & 3 are limited to 512Kbps per IP. Traffic from NIC 3 is blocked to the IP address of the ADSL router (no Internet access from the public access point at this stage).

Clients behind SBM use the appropriate NIC IP address connected to the SBM router and services as their gateway. Clients upstream use the DLINK as their gateway. All clients use the same ISP DNS servers (I don't run local DNS yet but will soon for clients on NIC 3 to access local HTTP server by hostname).

I can also VPN in to my SBM router from the Internet so I can use public Wi-Fi at a cafe and run encryption back to home to surf a little more safely.

Finally the SBM machine also runs along side an HTTP server accessible from the Internet (I have a filter limiting Internet traffic to 256Kbps for the HTTP server, unlimited for local traffic).

The moral of the story, you can achieve quite complex network setups with SBM and various hardware, it just takes time and learning the knowledge to do it.

Anythings possible, no such thing as impossible smile But there can be a lot of frustration in trying to achieve everything all at once.

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