"Heavy" bandwidth users freeze the router. Will BM fix the problem?

Started by Dave

I am administering a Linksys WRT54GL wireless AP/Router in a campground. The Average list of users varies from 30-and greater. We seem to have heavy users at various times and some of them on, constantly and consistently heavy.The result at some point is a hung Router I am wondering if your Bandwidth control software is an answer to our problem, short of taking them "off", by mac address or limiting their usage in/by...a "time" window.
Is your software a good answer for this and since their IP is constantly changing with the DHCP controller, can your software adjust by MAC address. We do have three direct connects Lan(Cat 5) to the Router also.Will this configuration accept this product.The "box" I plan to use for the software is an old single core, w/ XP pro w/ 512 for mem. The boxwill do little or nothing else but run the "tool" Also read some articles about "Hangs" ....is that a current issue. ? Any comments here by anyone, welcomed and much appreciated that will help us with better administration. We prefer not to use any encryption since with are in an environment that rapidly changes with users and operating systems and don't want to create a day full of user support counselling.
Thanks to all for any comments.

Re: "Heavy" bandwidth users freeze the router. Will BM fix the problem?   03 January 2009, 15:52

Hi Dave,

Indeed, BWM can work with MAC addresses. You will be quite pleased wit BWM, as I have a similar setup here and this software made all the difference.
You can set time windows, limit p2p, penalize large transfers and so on.
Just make sure your bwm box is between the target network and the internet connection. Other networks, directly connected to the router are not affected by the use of the program.


Yes!   03 January 2009, 17:52

This software is the answer to your dreams. I have it on a network with 30 students. My router used to hang every day. I have gone from a nightmare that I had to give away to a nice little money earner that largely looks after it's self now that I can meter the traffic.

I have an old 2.4G Pentium with 512Meg and it hums along at about 5 - 10% cpu load regardless of the traffic flow.

Router freezes   06 January 2009, 16:17

Thank you Tony and Arthur for your response....much appreciated !!!
When you say that the Computer with the program s/be between the target and the internet, .......
I have a cable modem that right now goes to the cable connection to the router. The router has 3 local cat 5 ports and the box that I have the (band width) software goes into one of the cat 5 ports on the router. Most of the clients come in wirelessly. Could you give me a feel for how you are suggesting I hook up the hardware as I am not too bright with this. Also , when I read the info about logging on, what do I put in the window where it says local host....I am sorry to be not too smart and do very much appreciate your help to me, fellows. Any thing you can offer to help this newbee will be so much appreciated. I am so very excited to hear your comments and can wait to get up and running.
Regards and thanks
SoftPerfect Support forum - Andrew avatar image

Re: Router freezes   06 January 2009, 16:25

Based on your description it does not seem possible to enable bandwidth management in your network. The bandwidth management software has to be between the clients and Internet connection, to be able to intercept actual communications, for example between a switch and router.

In your case it's just connected to one of the router's ports and there's nothing it can do there. If you could sketch your exact network layout, we would be able to give better advice. It seems you will have to buy some new hardware though in order to use the software.

Router hangs   06 January 2009, 16:40

Ok Andrew
Well the layout goes like this.
There is a 13db antenna on the building which is connected to a 20' run of low loss coax to a 13db gain bidirectional amplifier. The output of the amplifier connects to the antenna terminal of the Linksys combination integrated AP/wired/Wireless router,switch. The internet port of the router goes to the cable modem via cat 5 ethernet and the computer with the Softperfect , connects to ethernet port of the router along with two other computers. I dont mind buying hardware, what do u suggest ?
Thank you
By the way, where are you ?Dave

Re: Router freezes   07 January 2009, 07:47

Hi Dave,

You could do this: Cable modem >> comp with BWM as a bridge >> wireless router ap. >> clients.
This will allow you to manage your network.


Router hangs   10 January 2009, 00:46

Hi Arthur
Thank you for following thru on this issue. I think I see basically what you are suggesting(and why) with the bridge statement. You want me to take the internet connection(ethernet/cat 5) from the cable modem and connect it to the (ethernet/cat 5 connection on the computer. ) with BMW loaded on it. Do you want me to have a second ethernet/cat 5 port on the Computer to go to the (ethernet/internet cat 5 port) on the router A/P or just how do I connect from the Computer to the Router/AP. If you could talk me thru that part, I am excited to try this.....Thanx again......Dave

Router hangs   11 January 2009, 07:15

The typical BWM installation requires two network cards installed in the machine. One connected to the Internet (cable modem in your case), the other to the local LAN (to your Wi-Fi router in your example). BWM would then be set for internal bridging. This way all traffic goes through the BWM machine, this is a general starting point and the most important part.

Your existing Wi-Fi router hookup may need changed though. Which port on the Wi-Fi router usually connects to the cable modem? WAN or LAN ethernet port? If it uses the WAN ethernet port you may find the router is performing NAT, in which case BWM will not detect each individual client on your network (as it would only see a single MAC/IP address of the Wi-Fi router if it's performing NAT).

If you exsisting cable modem does NAT though, it may pay to move the cable modem connection to a LAN port on the Wi-Fi router. This way clients could access the cable modem without NAT having to be performed by the Wi-Fi router. Hoever, this quickly gets complicated if you don't understand some good ground work setting up static IP network details and DHCP etc...

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