alternating bandwidth

Started by seeker4


alternating bandwidth   12 January 2009, 17:39

I would be very appreciative if someone could help me create a rule for this purpose:

clients have a speed of 256Kb/s from 4pm to 11pm and speed of 512Kb from 11pm to 4pm
any help will be appreciatedsmile

alternating bandwidth   12 January 2009, 18:38

First you would need to create two time tables, one for the first period 4pm to 11pm then a second time table for 11pm to 4pm.

To give you a rough idea:

You would then need to create two rules per client. Each one will have the opposite time table schedule assigned to it. You assign the time table you've create to a rule by editing the rule, going to the "Advanced" tab, and it's the first option on the list "Use the following schedule". If you enable this (providing you've already created the time tables) you can then select one from a drop down list of all user created time tables.

If you've already got a rule working for a client, it's just a matter of creating those two time tables, assigning one to the existing rule, then create a second rule and assign a different time table. Outside the time table period the rule in question will be disabled. If setup correctly, the second rule with the other time table will then enable etc...

That's a rough and short explanation.


thank you   13 January 2009, 14:06

thank you. works finesmileok, yes, thumb up

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