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Started by CopyGuay

Queue Per Host   18 March 2006, 03:17

Good work with Bandwidth Manager };o)

I'm testing and i really get a bottleneck with Bandwidth Manager.
A simple example.

Upload = 512 Kbps = 62,5 KB/s = 60000 bytes in Bandwidth Manager

1 Server with NAT (Not ICS) with Win2k Adv (
Installed the usual Peer To Peer program with Unlimited Upload (To Test)
1 WorkStation with Win2k Pro just try to enter this forum. (

The Queue at this moment was in 172 packets.
That want to say, that i need wait those 172 packets go out to internet for the dns server receive my call of softperfect.com
When i receive the ip, i request the page, and then other 172 packets on queue.

If i priorize ack packets, how the p2p program have too many connections, have too many ack's.
Those ack's don't count to the total bandwidth (1st problem)

If i create a rule with unlimited bandwidth with ports 25,80,110,443 those don't count for the total bandwidth (2nd problem)

The solution is that the Queue interleaved the packets by source host and that ack's count for the total bandwidth when they pass the queue filter.


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Re: Queue Per Host   18 March 2006, 04:30

That's an interesting problem. When you use P2P these softwares opens lots of connections and these have to be delayed in the queue. Basically, it seems the only solution for it is dynamic bandwidth with prioritization where we could allow DNS, Mail, etc to go at a high speed while P2P is throttled. Or, assign the important services to an 'Unlimited' or a high speed rule. I am unsure why you are saying that total bandwidth is not counted because it is (unlimited rules have traffic counters as well).

Re: Queue Per Host   18 March 2006, 06:32

Thanks Andrew, i'm not a English Spoken person and excuse me if something is wrong.

At the moment the hardware limit exceed, the hardware refuses the packet, return to computer, and ndis re-send again to the modem.
That's make that with 1 KB in excess you have 4-5 KB/s over the 62,5 KB/s
When i limit to 60000 bytes, Without bypass the ack's the limit is okey
But when i check the option bypass the ack's then go to 65-66 KB/s
With the same limit of 60000 bytes.

I think this is because don't count.
Because if it count don't happen.
And when i put unlimited to services, it happen too.
And may be posible that destination port of a p2p is 80

In P-Cube that was a serious problem, not rebuild the flow, the problem is build a 'fluid' flow.

When 1 computer is under heavy attack (p2p), there are no way to resolve the event.
But the other computers may have a fluid flow.
I need in the worse of the cases limit the total output via modem.
Unlimited is not an option.

Thanks Andrew

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