How to setup remote admin

Started by Ederval Pablo

Ederval Pablo

How to setup remote admin   09 November 2005, 21:09

Hi guys!!!! How are you???

I installed the bandwidth manager (it is great!!!!) so I want to know if is possible to admin it remotely? And how to do it????


Ederval Pablo
SoftPerfect Support forum - Andrew avatar image

Re: How to setup remote admin   10 November 2005, 02:43

That's simply. When you run the Bandwidth Manager it asks you for a host name and password. In the case if the core and GUI are installed on the same computer, you enter 'localhost' as the host name. If you would like to manage it remotely, install the GUI component on your admin station and specify the IP address/host name of the PC running the bandwidth manager core. Both the core and GUI are in the standard installation package, you have a choice what to install during the installation process.

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