Suggestions for the new BWM 3.0

Started by Lucas Alexandre


Suggestions for the new BWM 3.0   13 November 2010, 17:01

I'd do anything to see such a feature. I'm dying for it. it's become my ambition.
Tony Yates

Suggestions for the new BWM 3.0   18 November 2010, 05:56


My problem is that my ADSL utilisation has doubled without any change in my PC utilisation behaviour.
I don't notice any large emails (incl attachments).
I dont download a lot.

the 'HOURLY UTILISATION' report is probably the closest I can get to my problem.

however could there be a log file showing internet (iexplorer) sites visited:
say date
upload/download volumes

I suspect some of my software is automatically accessing internet
eg. norton
automatic updates etc....


Suggestions for the new BWM 3.0   19 November 2010, 15:01

Almost 2011. Where beta of BWM 3.0? Others apps like Networx have one or more releases every month!

Suggestions for the new BWM 3.0   19 November 2010, 22:52

No problem waiting a few months, BWM has been working perfectly for years. I liked it very much but I'm in need for something more powerful.
I don't know what happened here, in my opinion SoftPerfect is still one of the few developers with excellent support.
Just too bad to see that a good product like BWM is on hold. Oh well. I will keep monitor these forums for a while.


Suggestions for the new BWM 3.0   26 November 2010, 07:04

I'm very happy with the way the current version is working and as such I will be continuing to use it smile

If by some chance there is a new version later I will be only to happy to try it.

Suggestions for the new BWM 3.0   26 November 2010, 10:30

Bob, I agree with you in parts. The software is amazing and still serves to me completely so far.

But the development is stopped in time. At least it would be great if we had any news from the developer. "New versions only in june of 2011"... or "The software will be discontinued"... anyway, one notice to stop or remain expectations. After all, there was an expectation that there would be an upgrade later this year.

Andrew has always given great support to the BMW. He only does not like to talk much about the development of new versions.

I hope Andrew does not see our posts as a form of pressure. It is only concerned about the future of software.


(sorry my english)

Suggestions for the new BWM 3.0   04 March 2011, 17:46

I have a suggestion for version 3.

I like to send a welcome email to the users. It serves several purposes including telling them the IP address ( url) of the site to check their use, welcomes them, and I re-iterate the terms and conditions of use.

The way I do it now is create an introduction email message.

Then I uncheck the other email messages under the "User information" field of the appropriate rule, change the speed and it is sent. Then I have to go back to the user information, uncheck the intro message and check the Quota used, Quota reset etc emails in the rule.

It would be really nice if there was a way to click a button that just sent a specified email ( or more than one) to that user as one click.

Suggestions for the new BWM 3.0   20 April 2011, 15:29

I'm still using beta 17, there are still some issues to sort with it, however it's never had a reboot since I installed it last year. It still runs okay for me, I'm still using the beta version because I used asymmetric bandwidth shaping.

Suggestions for the new BWM 3.0   15 May 2011, 11:51


Andrew said:

...BWM 3.0 is in progress. It's not a trivial task and it's very time consuming, yet I hope to roll out this release in the second half of 2010.

Despite having promised the BWM 3 in 2010. I believe that Andrew is working hard to deliver this product yet this year. I Believe!

Suggestions for the new BWM 3.0   01 July 2011, 13:43

I'm currently with more than 1000 users and need a more robust system.
Thank all the friends of the forum. I will still follow the development of the BWM, but only I will use it for small applications.

Lucas Alexandre

Suggestions for the new BWM 3.0   17 November 2011, 14:17

I know this is a long shot, but I'm going to re-request a few things I requested before, plus something new:

I'd love Global Quotas or baring that, some way to see data transfer for each IP/Mac Address that in rule set.

I'd still like Global Quotas particularly so I can restrict the data transfer done by one machine, but who's data I still want to count with several others. (IE: One Quota, many rules).

Ability to clear ALL rule stats with one push (by menu/button or even better timer). Currently the automatic only clears history data and quota. It doesn't clear the sent/received data shown in the general tab (This would make all the rules look like they where just created - no stats recorded)

On topic of history data, a bit more control of this would be good. For example, I have two internet services, both reset dates are different.

My cable resets on the 1st, so keep current month option works fine. However my ADSL resets on the 17th, so none of the history options works for just giving me history from the 17th to the 17th.

and finally, I was reading through the last released API documentation (working on a creating a web usage system for my home network) and noticed there is no ability to grab a listing from a IP/MAC group and no way to edit or delete a entry from a selected group.

Suggestions for the new BWM 3.0   19 November 2011, 16:10

You can kind of already do the double up quota thing.

You can set up independent rules for each client with a quota on one network card, then setup a catch all filter on the second network card with a catch all quota.

These quota's can be different for the catch all and the individual rules.

I'm not entirely sure about bridging, but if you're routing on the BWM server then you can already double up quotas as above.


Suggestions for the new BWM 3.0   30 December 2011, 10:58

@kiwi_rock, how would you set up your example for double quotas?
I currently use LAN interface for all my rules. Routing is done by a 3rd party program (don't use BWM's bridging). Tried a couple of things myself but nothing seems to be working.

Suggestions for the new BWM 3.0   30 December 2011, 12:16

On the LAN Interface (client side), you can have a rule for each user, and whatever quota you want, for example a 5GB quota to apply individually to each rule/IP/client machine (each client gets 5GB).

Then on the WAN Interface (Internet side), you can have one rule, using an address range in the from field, to cover all the client IP's I want to cover, and another quota called for example 50GB that's applied to that one rule on the WAN Interface only.

So each user still has an individual rule and quota of 5GB on the LAN side, but "all" clients flow through the one rule on the WAN Interface that has a quota of 50GB max regardless of the 5GB quota.

This would allow a client to use up to 5GB before their speed or whatever is changed, but if the 50GB rule is meet first, then that is imposed on all users regardless of their 5GB quota.

It's double packet processing, but it works in that way quite well.

I have an external router, so the BWM machine is a simple IP router without NAT (IP Forwarding enabled in the registry and static routes on ym external router for the different Internal subnets). LAN clients are 192.168.5.X, and the WAN side is 192.168.4.X. So there's individual rules on the 192.168.5.X interface, and one rule on the 192.168.4.X Interface. The one rule in my case, stops congesting the router from all clients, so I have bandwidth left over even when all clients are busy. But each client has it's own further quota. This does mean though, that when the global quota is reached, some users may not have used their individual quota up and will be speed restricted by the global quota.

Suggestions for the new BWM 3.0   30 December 2011, 12:21

Thanks, I just figured it out myself.

Is a bit messy but since global quotas don't exist, this method works.

I just had speed rules on the LAN side, the WAN rules have a qouta and unlocked speed. Works for me to split 1000gb quota between three groups (my brother and his wife, myself and another person that lives here)

Suggestions for the new BWM 3.0   30 December 2011, 23:02

Well looks like that method doesn't work, I need 3 'global' quotas, not one. Back to the drawing board (or cursing the lack there-of)

Suggestions for the new BWM 3.0   11 April 2012, 20:39

Hi Andrew,

It is very important that we can use the hole bandwith any at time
when rule defines , statis bandwinth will be use.

program should use free bandwith of network at any time to increase the user speed when free bandwith available.
Mario Benvenuti Neto

Suggestions for the new BWM 3.0   20 April 2012, 04:42

New suggestion: Add a APPLY or SAVE CHANGES button. I use it remotely and every time I change something I have to wait 1 minute and then change other rule, then another.

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