bwm and dns on clients

Started by along5664

bwm and dns on clients   22 October 2009, 00:06

I have setup bwm on a windows xp machine, and have setup ics. I have my client test station set to point to the server for dns. It worked for a bit, but then quit working resolving dns. Once I pointed it to an external dns all is good to go. What does everyone do for dns? Do you point to an external dns server for clients, or do you set up an internal dns?

bwm and dns on clients   22 October 2009, 22:41


Well, until now I´m using external DNS, mainly level3 because my ISP is filtering web pages on the DNS level. I don´t like it when the ISP decides what we can see and what not.
Using level3 DNS works fine. You could also use OpenDNS. It depends on your location.

Some people would use their router IP as the DNS server. I believe the router forwards the requests.
I never point the clients directly to the server for DNS.
You could set up your own DNS server on the BWM box (DNS cache), but you need to be familiar with that. Main advantage is speed, I´m currently planning to implement this.


bwm and dns on clients   27 October 2009, 04:31

I am planning on rebuilding the server, with win2003 so I can run dns and dhcp on the box. Thanks. I do use opendns and so far like it very much.

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