Configuring DSL + XP Machine + Wireless Gateway

Started by erhan


Configuring DSL + XP Machine + Wireless Gateway   01 April 2006, 04:50

Hi Andrew,

I have;
DSL Router (USR9108) IP:
WinXP Machine with 2 NICs (with BWM trial ver. bridging enabled)
NIC 1 (to DSL Router) IP:
NIC 2 (to WAN port of Wireless AP) IP:

Wireless Access Point (USR 5461)
Wireless Clients: 192.168.2.X

Wireless clients connects to internet without any problems.
BWM rules for AP(Access Point) works OK,too.
But any rule for a wireless client (e.g. source: doesn't work.

Shortly BWM doesn't see the IP numbers of the wireless clients, because I connected NIC2 to the WAN port of AP.
(I think the packages to NIC2 don't contain any information about that wireless client)

If I change the LAN IP of AP to and its DHCP clients to 192.168.11 ..255, then clients cannot connect to internet.

Should I apply port forwarding for each client in the admin pages of the AP?
Should I connect NIC2 to LAN port of AP?
(I don't think so smile )

Thank you in advance.

PS: I think a step-by-step howto page for such installation instructions in your web site would be greatly helpful for many potential users of BWM.
e.g: Where to connect what and which IP settings for each device.
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Re: Configuring DSL + XP Machine + Wireless Gateway   01 April 2006, 17:05

I am unsure, but it seems your AP does routing and/or NAT and this is the reason. Try to use any network sniffer to capture packets on the NIC#2 connected to WAN port of the Wireless AP to see what packets are there. If you see only packets from, then the AP does network address translation and your further actions depend on the AP user's manual (it should be switched into 'bridge' mode). Otherwise, if you see IP addresses of the clients (192.168.2.x) then it should work as is and if it doesn't, let me know.

P.S. Step by step manual may not help in many cases because network configuration is a highly precise process and just one mistake may cause full connectivity loss. That's why we prefer to advise customers here.

Re: unable to configure DSL + XP Machine + Wireless Gateway   01 April 2006, 18:23

If you connect the BWM machine to a lan port on the AP and use the same IP subnet, problem solved. If you want two subnet ranges with BWM as a transparent bridge, like you're already trying to...

Some access points, or more to the point wireless routers, have a "router" mode rather than "home gateway" mode which disables NAT/firewall modes on the access point. Linksys and Asus first come to mind with this simple basic feature not available on a lot of wireless routers.

You then need to create a static route on the DSL router for network mask to the gateway address(access points WAN IP address) via the interface (the LAN port on the DSL router if required). This is so the DSL router knows which IP on the 192.168.1.X network to send traffic to for 192.168.2.X clients.

You shouldn't need to create a static route on the access point to access the DSL router since it's already working in reverse. If you bypass network address translation and use different subnets, you will need to make a static route entry in the DSL router for it.

Or as Andrew said, the easiest way is to brdige the AP's wan port or plug it in to a LAN port on the AP and use the same IP range.

Dear Andrew,

Thank you for your immediate response.
I think the problem will be solved by changing the AP to bridge mode, as you stated.
(Couldn't try that at the weekend, will hope to do it tonight.)

Dear Gavin,
Thank you for the additional information about the routers, gateways. It helped me to understand everything better


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