What is the Host name?

Started by Jimmy Yuan

Jimmy Yuan

What is the Host name?   02 November 2009, 04:59

I just got SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager and I don't know what to answer for my "Host Name". It's not localhost. Also I've added an exception to my firewall. I'm on a router and I've typed the routers IP my IP and into it. None worked, any ideas?

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What is the Host name?   03 November 2009, 19:40

Entering the router's IP address makes no sense.

The SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager software consists of two major components: a core service that processes network traffic and enforces bandwidth restrictions and a user interface (GUI) used for configuration and monitoring. When you launch the SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager GUI it asks you for a host name, where the service is running, and a password. By default, the host name is localhost and the password is blank.

If you have installed the bandwidth manager service on another computer, enter its IP address or name to access it. If you are using Windows XP SP2 or above with the built-in firewall enabled, please set it up to allow the bandwidth manager connection (TCP port 8701).
babak nourani

Re: What is the Host name?   12 March 2017, 22:32

the connection fails. error #10061
says : connection refused.
what can I do?
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Re: What is the Host name?   13 March 2017, 00:31

Assuming you are connecting to localhost, please make sure the Bandwidth Manager service is running (BMCore.exe in the Task Manager). It can be started manually from the Services control panel applet.

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