Limiting traffic on bandwidth-hungry apps while leaving LAN traffic unlimited

Started by Ian

I am considering buying a license for Sp BWM as the description of its function fits a job I'd like done. But when using the trial I am not sure it is working.

My BB comes in to an ADSL modem/router/firewall (Belkin 8630 - IP address = Three PCs connect to the Belkin by wireless conection. Ip range for clients set on router is -

I want to limit ougong traffic and incoming traffic (different limits for incoming and outgoing)on bandwidth hungry apps on 2 PCs while leaving the LAN traffic unlimited. I have been concentrating on one client to get that right before adding the other.

Rule #1: Protocol: TCP/UDP, Direction: Both, Rate: Unlimited, TCP/UDP Source: Range -,/any Destination: Range - ,any interface.

Rule #2: Protocol: TCP/UDP, Direction: Outgoing, Rate: 1514 b/s, TCP/UDP Source: 001150BAFAD4/any Destination: Any ip address/any, any interface.

Rule 1 is to give unlimited access to the LAN traffic between all clients and seems to be OK. When I access a video file from localhost to the one client with BWM service installed it reports what appears to be a reasonable amount of traffic.

Rule 2 is supposed to limit the outgoing traffic from one of the clients. However I can't see if it is working, and the rule seems to have no effect on the functioning of the client access to the internet playing World of Warcraft set at this very low level). Also no figures are reported on the sent/received when surfing from that client or when plaing WoW.

Is the rule written correctly?

Also the NIC for the client doesn't appear in the GUI list of interfaces when setting a rule. Should it?(this is why I set any interface as I couldn't select the one for the client).

When should I use the WAN interface?

Will BWM GUI on localhost automatically communicate with the BWM service on the client in this scenario?

I would appreciate any help. Thanks
Meant to included the fact that the Belkin DCHPallocates the IP addresses to the PCs.
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Re: Limiting traffic on bandwidth-hungry apps while leaving LAN traffic unlimited   02 April 2006, 02:56

As I understood you have the following LAN layout:
 The Internet
   /  |  \
PC1  PC2  PC3     
If so, you will have to install the SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager service on all the computers that require bandwidth management because you have no separate Windows based gateway. What you should do:

1. Install the bandwidth manager GUI component (standard installation package comes with two components: service and GUI) on the PC where you are sitting.

2. Install the bandwidth manager service component on the PCs that you can throttle.

3. Use the GUI installed on your PC at step (1). Specify the IP address of remote computer (2) where you have installed the service to connect to the service. Then configure its rules as follows :
Rule #1 (LAN): 
 Protocol: TCP/UDP
 Direction: Both
 Rate: Unlimited
 Protocol: TCP/UDP
 Source: Range -
 Destination: Range -
 Interfaces: All interfaces

Rule #2 (uploads):  
 Protocol: TCP/UDP
 Direction: Out
 Rate: set as needed
 Protocol: TCP/UDP
 Source: local host
 Destination: Any
 Interfaces: All interfaces

Rule #3 (downloads):  
 Protocol: TCP/UDP
 Direction: In
 Rate: set as needed
 Protocol: TCP/UDP
 Source: Any
 Destination: local host
 Interfaces: All interfaces
There is no sense for you to use WAN interface since it is a built-in system adapter for wide area networks access. Should you have any questions please let me know

Re: Need help to configure   02 April 2006, 03:31

Andrew that is a great help. I didn't understand I had to "log on" to the client to set the rules. I thought they were all set when I logged on to "local host" which I believe is the PC I am running the GUI on.

Unfortunately the Belkin DCHP does change the IP addresses sometimes. Is there a way round this other than turning Belkin DCHP off and me allocating the IP through Windows?

Thanks for your help.
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Re: Need help to configure   02 April 2006, 04:24

This should not be a problem. However, you can set a longer address lease time in Belkin's settings to allow the DHCP server to provide addresses for a month or longer. It is all in your hands.

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