What to put in Local Host?

Started by Kaizen


What to put in Local Host?   23 December 2009, 12:13

I just started using this software and i am lost. I have no idea what to put in local host? I am running a router and what do i put in the box? Any help? tips or a guide through?

i really appreciate help

I just pressed enter and there is no list of the connection?

What Do You Put In Local Host?   26 December 2009, 01:28

SInce you are using i for the first time the password column should be left blank...

And if you installed bandwidth manager on the computer you are trying to log on thn the username should be get "LOCALHOST"

What Do You Put In Local Host?   26 December 2009, 01:29

Just click ok with the password column left blank..

Me too, same trouble ..   07 February 2010, 03:36

i have the same trouble
it's my first try with BM,I installed the service on 2PCs and the GUI on 1 of them, and when i try 2 login with 'localhost' and ' blank password'
it shows an error that says
' unable to connect (code 10061,Error:Connection refused ) '

WHY is this ?!!!!
plz any help

What Do You Put In Local Host?   07 February 2010, 04:01

Reboot your computer first before use BWM, or start service of BWM in services.msc
Alexandre Fasquel

What Do You Put In Local Host?   03 March 2010, 12:01

Same pb here,

got same message as above, reboot, go to service and try to start it but get the following message:

Windows could not start the SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager service on Local computer
Error 2: the system cannot find the file specified

Any options?
SoftPerfect Support forum - Andrew avatar image

What Do You Put In Local Host?   03 March 2010, 21:24

Check if there is BWMSVC.LOG located in the installation directory and post its content here.

Directory   06 April 2010, 15:48

If you are using a windows in portuguese,
install BW on a different directory, not on
"arquivos de programas" or "Program files"

Directory   06 April 2010, 22:25


I am from brazil using BWM in a Windows PT-BR...

I don't have this problem... I installed bwm on program files and arquivos de programas and BWM works without problems...

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