PPPoE Connection with BWM

Started by MandyP


PPPoE Connection with BWM   06 April 2006, 19:32

I'm testing SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager - the best BManager I found.

Is it possible to manage a PPPoE Connection through a Windows2K bridge with BWM installed to a Linux Gateway that is connected to WWW ?
Normal Connection with IP is working fine, but I have many Connections with PPPoE (RASPPPoE) they connect OK but I found no way to manage Bandwidth.

For that Connections I tried some rules like this:

Direction: Incoming
Rate: 256kbps
Protocol: TCP/UDP
Interface: LANbridge
Source: Any
Port: Any
Dest: MAC address
Port: Any

Direction: outgoing
Rate: 128kbps
Protocol: TCP/UDP
Interface: LANbridge
Source: MAC address
Port: Any
Dest: Any
Port: Any

Is there something wrong or is this a problem using PPPoE ?

Thanks a lot for answer
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Re: PPPoE Connection with BWM   06 April 2006, 23:42

This is a problem with PPPoE. As you probably know, it is a point-to-point protocol over Ethernet encapsulating PPP frames in Ethernet frames. The Bandwidth Manager is unable to catch them unless 'Any' protocol is chosen for the rule. Unfortunately in this case there no way to apply advanced filtering by MAC addresses, IP addresses and so on. So, if you just want to limit overall up/down transfer rate on a PPPoE interface - it is possible. Selective filtering is not possible.

Re: PPPoE Connection with BWM   08 May 2006, 04:27

I have PPPoE too, what i do is put the filters on my "network card" which faces the LAN, and leave the Internet Connection (Modem) unmanaged, this way i control the bandwidth of everyone easily without having to change anything in my configuration.
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Re: PPPoE Connection with BWM   09 May 2006, 02:16

Thanks for sharing this idea. You are right, a PPPoE connection is usuallly in use between a gateway and ISP while we always manage bandwidth on an internal LAN NIC.

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