Recommended value for short packet flood penalty

Started by raven


Recommended value for short packet flood penalty   26 January 2010, 17:41

Hello Andrew, what is the recommended value for short packet flood penalty?
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short packet flood penalty   28 January 2010, 20:37

Zero smile
This feature has a limited use in wireless networks where some clients may overload the network with a number of short packets causing a performance bottleneck. If this is not the case, do not turn it on and leave it zero.

short packet flood penalty   05 February 2010, 22:37

we have wireless networks
can you say us some tips to block the short packet

short packet flood penalty   05 February 2010, 23:04


I use 800 in two boxes.

short packet flood penalty   06 February 2010, 12:02

Hi guys..

I don't have wirless, but i descoverd this ,
someday I was cheking my clients, and found 1 client doing huge upload speed, it was ~ 60 kb/s
but all his connections (16 connections) are downloading something !!

so I got that he was downloading a file with download manager with 16 connections, and this download for somehow didn't finished , and dropped.

but the download manager insists to send requsts to server, many many fast requests goes on, making the upload speed rased to ~60 kb/s

so I tryed "short packet flood penalty" on that client rule only, and it was amazing smile the upload speed droped to ~16 kb/s (better than nothing)
i tested many valus tell I found the best ones that lower this upload flooding.

Threshould = 400
padding = 1514 (max allowed)

if i leave this ON , is there any side effects??? ---- I don't have Wirless on my environment.

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