Limiting downloads but not web browsing speed

Started by Jehutiy


Limiting downloads but not web browsing speed   28 January 2010, 19:11

Hi, I am sort of new to this thing. I have a server that runs BWM and does ICS. Right now I have set up the rules correctly to limit the KB to each computer on the server. I was wondering if there was a way to make the Downloads 1 speed and web browsing another. For instance Unlimited speed for web browsing yet 25KB for Downloading only. I have tried limiting the TCP and UDP as well as IPV4 but everything still slows down including web browsing. Any Advice would be appreciated.

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Re: Limiting downloads but not web browsing speed   28 January 2010, 21:34

Technically it is impossible to distinguish between normal web-browsing and downloading. There's even no formal definition on what is what. For instance, is watching youtube downloading or browsing? :S

The good news are that this problem can be solved. Check out the Dynamic Allocation tab in the rule. As a rough guide, set the rule transfer rate limit to 1000000 bytes/sec, then enable one or more penalties, say large transfers with the threshold = 1000 KB and allocation 1%. If the user starts downloading anything larger than 1 MB, the speed will drop to 10 KB/s making downloading a pain.
When using the dynamic allocation for a range of IPs, and say one user downloads a large file, are everyone penalized or just that one dwonloader?

Wondering if I could limit Downloads but not webbrowsing speed   29 January 2010, 03:25


Everyone (in a range) is penalized.


Thanks a lot. that is a great idea and solution.

I thought it would be hard as well to distinguish between a download and web browsing but this seems to solve the problem!

Hmm.. I am having some trouble setting up the dynamic allocation large file transfer penalty. It does not seem to be working. Here is my setup

Transfer Rate Limit:200000 Bytes/Sec
Protocol: TCP and UDP
Interface: Any Interface

My source is a Ip range from 192.168.0 -

Destination is any IP address

Then I got to the Dynamic allocation tab and i put a check next to enable large transfers penalty and set the volume threshold to 50000(50 Megs) and I set allocate to 25%.

So I should see when they download something bigger than 50Mb, the download speed should be set to around 50Kb?

I tried this and it seems that the client can still download at full speed or at least past 50Kb. Am I doing something wrong? Any help is appreciated. Thank You
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Wondering if I could limit Downloads but not webbrowsing speed   29 January 2010, 23:42

This looks alright, however the maximum threshold is 32000 KB (32 MB) so it just was lowered to 32 MB. This is not the point though, as it should have triggered at 32 MB, that is even earlier.

Are you absolutely sure that the traffic of this big download is flowing through this rule? What is shown in the rule's statistics on the graph when the download is active?
Hello Andrew, I am positive that it is following this rule because when i change the transfer rates and do speed tests. They change accordingly. When i look at the statistics of when something is downloading, it shows the graph peaking at the transfer limit that i set it to. I will try another computer and see if that will work but I have tried to redo the rule over and over and it seems it still does not work.

Thank You
Ok So I completely Started everything from scratch. Looks like the dynamic allocation is working now. Thanks a lot for the help!
Ok sorry but it seems that if i restart my server. The Dynamic Allocation does not work anymore. Is there a workaround to this? I don't wish to redo everything in BWM again just because i needed to apply updates or restart.

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Wondering if I could limit Downloads but not webbrowsing speed   30 January 2010, 18:09

Try the latest build to see if it helps (although I am uncertain why this may be happening as this was never reported before).

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