Which is faster: 'any' or 'IP range'?

Started by joh


Which is faster: 'any' or 'IP range'?   29 January 2010, 04:16

I am just wonder which gives better performance, defining the entire range of IP or choosing ANY IP

I am filtering the WAN interface traffic which uses the 192.168.2.x range and i am not sure which way is better.
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Re: Which is faster: 'any' or 'IP range'??   29 January 2010, 23:46

Any IP is slightly faster, but you won't notice any difference in the performance.

This will rather make the difference to your received/sent readings as creating rule Any-to-Any is pointless. If you make such a rule, both the received and sent records will be increasing at the same rate as the software will be unable to distinguish what is actually received and what is actually sent.

Re: Which is faster: 'any' or 'IP range'?   30 January 2010, 03:10

I basically do outgoing port blocking and throttling. So i have it set ANY:ANY > ANY:1245
I aways wanted to ask! smile

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