Next release of BWM

Started by Alex.M

Next release of BWM   11 April 2006, 17:12

I'm curious when is scheduled next version of BWM (I see that there are no updates to any of softwares since February and I'm a little concerned looking back when every month at least one software was updated smile )
Also there are any chances that future version of BWM accept more than 256 entries to IP/MAC group address (yes my old problem, Andrew knows smile ) ?

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Re: Next release of BWM   12 April 2006, 02:45

Hi Alex

I hope the new release will be available closer to the end of April. Unfortunately there is no dynamic bandwidth allocation and prioritization yet (that's really a difficult thing to implement). However, some new features will be available such as port redirection useful for transparent proxying, additional reports, etc. Please remind, how many entries for address groups you need?

Re: Next release of BWM   12 April 2006, 04:03

Hi Andrew

Great news!
I know that is a lot of work so please let us know if there is anything that we can do to help you (manuals translate, beta testing, forum moderating, etc...)
I need around 3000 entries if is possible.
Shane S.

Re: Next release of BWM   12 April 2006, 23:48

We have sold and used your bandwidth management products and for the most part cannot say enough good about our customers and our own experiences. I would like to know if your company would have any interest in adding a very powerfoul feature to your traffic meter program that would graph protocol types as well as network host activities similar to your network protocol analyzer application can.

An example would be a filter that thru promiscuous mode sees all IP traffic the server is connected to and then the service supporting remote access would give operators the ability to display a global listing of individual HOST / IP usage/bandwith, protocol (i.e. http, pop3, smtp, arp, etc.) as though you could combine the "Host Activity Report" from your SNIFFER app and the bandwidth monitoring and notification of your TRAFFIC METER into a separate server service to identify bandwidth "Hogs or high, medium and low" bandwidth users.

Re: Next release of BWM   13 April 2006, 03:19

Shane i think like you, but, Step to Step.

Andrew go in the right direction and it's very dificult make the hardware implementation via software.

Thanks to Andrew, the force is with you.

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Carlos Ortiz

Re: Next release of BWM   13 April 2006, 11:07

Shane S. install ntop or ethereal in the same machine of BWM. The best of BWM is simplicity.

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