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WISP   06 March 2010, 11:16

Hey All,
I'm sure this has been asked before, but as i am new, all posts are new and i don't have 3 months to read em all (quite yet smile ). This is what i'm wanting to do in short version. I have a commercial 20 Mbps (download) 10 Mbps internet feed. I have it going into my system (3.00Ghz 6 Gb ram 500 Gb HDD) on an "IN" NIC, going into a billing software, then (will be) going through this software (to throttle the bandwidth) and out to "OUT" NIC to a D-Link DWL-2700 AP on my office's roof. What i'm wanting to know, is can i set this software up, so that once they setup a account, i can then throttle their 'account" (probably MAC Address) to whatever speed they're paying for?

I'm running Win 7 64 bit. I have all Gigabyte equipment. Also. want to have the computers within my office on another "group" for a different speed allowance. any help would be awesome. thanks.

Tim Reed, CEO
Quicksilver Computer Services
SoftPerfect Support forum - Andrew avatar image

WISP?   08 March 2010, 20:59

Hi Tim,

As I understand you are asking about integration of BWM with your billing system. Apparently BWM doesn't know anything about user accounts, so if you would like to have automatically created rules in BWM, this would be quite a complex task. There is a XML/HTTP based interface that the BWM core provides.You can find its description here (although not complete, this should be sufficient for practical purposes).

However, if you are okay with manually created rules, it's fairly trivial. Just create a separate rule for your office computers that will always be in place. Then simply create a rule manually for a new customers as they create an account and join the network.


WISP?   09 March 2010, 05:10

thanks Andrew, would you be available for consult when i go to do this? am nervous installing all this new software. thanks.


WISP?   11 March 2010, 05:44

I've had a system running without any problems probably for about 3 years now using Andrew's excellent software and the XML interface.

I can say that 3 years ago it was the best software on the market for the job, and 3 years later it is still by far the best software on the market for the job.

WISP   11 March 2010, 07:20

That is impressive Shunt! So your running a ISP of sorts yourself? Can you help me with the XML interface? thanks.

Tim Reed

WISP?   16 March 2010, 19:06

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you.

We custom wrote all our interfaces, etc.

The XML interface is well documented (the documentation isn't an idiots guide, but it's miles better than most technical documentation), which should point you in the right direction.

Even better, the XML interface is very tolerant of mistakes (or "tolerant" compared to some of the interfaces we're used to, where one bit out of place and the whole system crashes!).

If you have a search on the forum (take off the 30 day limit) for "XML", I'm sure this will reap rewards.

Good luck!

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