Vista computers cannot print unless static IP

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Vista computers cannot print unless static IP   10 March 2010, 16:33


Latest BWM lite installed on Vista machine to control about 20 computers. Rules were setup using MAC method (earlier using IP method). Printer is IP based and each computer on network has printer driver installed. Earlier things were working great. Now I notice unless static IPs were given in Vista PCs, they won't print. XP machines have no problems.

I simply made 20 rules with Source as MAC and destination as ANY IP. I suspect I might need to make one rule just for printer (

Any ideas?

Great program and keep up the good work.

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Vista computers cannot print unless static IP   29 March 2010, 01:14

First of all make sure you can ping the printer from user computers (ping If it works, make sure you have not blocked TCP/UDP packets from those computers to the printer. Even though you don't have a rule for the printer, that should be okay as BWM lets through everything that is not explicitly blocked.

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