Using my computer as BWM server without configuring other client machines

Started by Phredrick

I am a grad student living in a large house that shares one 4 Mbit connection. It is plenty of bandwidth to go around except when one person starts using a P2P program or torrent download. I am attempting to limit the amount of bandwidth to each user. I have the cable modem and routers setup (One linksys 8 port and one Netgear wireless (setup as an access point)) in my room. The internet connection is shared between two apartments in the house. In limiting bandwidth I won't be able to configure any client machines with BWM or ICS. All of the machines are running XP, some Home some Pro. I have two questions:

Is it possible to use my computer as a BWM server using two NICs (already installed) without having to configure any of the client machines?

In using my computer as a BWM server, what would the stress be on my connection and/or system resources?
First Question: yes
Second question: Depends on how fast your CPU is, my 2.0GHZ server sees about 40-50% CPU usage for BWM when under high load (like transferring big files across the network)
Thank you Barry.

So, if I am limiting the throughput to say 1.5 Mbits/sec per user, how does that compare to the speed of your file tranfer? When you say across the network are you talking about 10+ Mbits per second? Also, what is the processor class and how much RAM do you have in your server?

Thanks again!

Re: Small home network and Bandwidth Manager   18 April 2006, 14:06

Yeah, anywhere from 10 to 50 mbits (~2-6 mbytes/s).

Server is a Pentium 4 2.0 with 512MB of RAM (133MHZ SD-RAM)
Thanks a lot, I downloaded the trial and set it up just fine. I'm running a somewhat faster machine (AMD 64 3800 with 2 Gigs of PC3200) and dealing with smaller amounts of data at a time. Surfing is instantaneous even with two roommates (intentionally) maxing out their downstream allowances. I guess now the question is lite or standard but I think I can handle that one on my own. Barry, thanks a lot.

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