way to maintain DHCP IP allocations

Started by James23525


way to maintain DHCP IP allocations   04 May 2010, 17:29

Hi Andrew.

so i've been using this program for a while (more than a year) and i have found it to be great.

one thing that i want to ask you though, is, is there a way i can save the IP address DHCP allocation?

i know that is a bit murky, but perhaps if i explain the situation it will be clearer.

due to the number of users (and thus connections) in my network,
sometimes the router (the internet connection) will drop out, and the only way i can restart it is to pull the power out of the router, and put it back in.

the issue is however, the router will assign each computer a new IP, and thus reseting their router (and possibly issuing the same blockd IP to someone who hadn't used up their quota)

my router is a TP-link w8920g,
and whilst i have tried the 'DHCP ip address reservation' it doesn't seem to work.

or perhaps you can recommend me a router that is under $200 which will do a good job, regardless of how many different connections there are running simultaneously.

i run the router through a gateway computer, thus only 1 port is needed, and there is no need for wireless

way to maintain DHCP IP allocations   11 May 2010, 23:25

Not sure where you are (location) but for $200 you can get most Netgear routers that will have a setting to give the same IP for a given MAC address... Is that how you set up your IP reservation? Have the DHCP Server allocate a fixed IP address to a given MAC.

The Netgear DG834GV is an ADLS2+ wireless G.. similar to your TP-Link. Or DGN2000

Note: I do not use a Netgear or work for them.. You could buy a Billion if you like!

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way to maintain DHCP IP allocations   15 May 2010, 16:28

Alternatively, you can create rules bound to MAC addresses rather than IP addresses. MAC addresses remain constant and you won't need to worry about changing IP addresses.

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