Started by Malakai


Hotspot   21 May 2010, 15:35

I have successfully tried BWM on my network with 5 PC.

I would like to implement some type of authentication for WiFi. Chillispot seems like a good option. Since Chillispot runs on Linux based system, my question is how to setup with BWM. I would much love to prefer one box solution for bandwidth management and authentication.

MikroTik is another option but that is also Linux based. I would much prefer Windows OS solution. Any hints or pointers?

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Hotspot   21 May 2010, 19:52

This depends on what you mean by authentication. In BWM you have to manually create pre-defined rules for bandwidth management, i.e. a rule per computer connected to the network. How would you like to authenticate your users?

Hotspot   23 May 2010, 16:00

By authentication, I mean Wi-Fi users can't just connect to my AP. I suppose BWM can block certain computer by MAC address already so I could simply use that feature. But I was looking at feature where someone have to type in username and password to log in. I don't plan on using encryption on AP but instead depend on authentication. That way I won't have to worry about changing password and letting every user know every time. In short, even though AP will broadcast clear signal, user won't be able to log in unless they have username and password. Bandwidth control would still be applicable once they connect.

I hope I made myself clear. Thanks.
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Hotspot   27 May 2010, 19:44

Yes, it's clear, however you can't really implement this with BWM. Yes, you can white/blacklist specific MAC addresses, however there's no way to make users enter login & password in order to access the Internet.

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