Incoming and outgoing are the same

Started by nathan


Incoming and outgoing are the same   05 June 2010, 14:02


I currently am a happy customer using this product to limit VPS and dedicated server at my data center. The product is running on Win xp Pro sp3 and works great.

One questions I have is why is the incoming out coming always the exact same for all entries?

this is exactly how i have it setup:

Connection: 2 nic cards, one with my 100Mb drop for my ISP coming in and then the other goes to a dell switch. this site between my network and the drop.


I am limiting by IP address. When setting it up i select the given speed they should be limited to and then set the source to the IP address that i want to limit. After this i set the destination to "any IP address". click ok and everything works....just shows the exact same coming in and out.

thanks for any help!

have a great weekend!
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Incoming and outgoing are the same?   06 June 2010, 18:01

Please post here a screen shot showing the main screen with all your rules.

Incoming and outgoing are the same?   03 May 2011, 01:48

We are experiencing the same issues. Our incoming and outgoing bandwidth are displaying as the same. We have over 400 rules

Erik Sullivan
Custom Computers

Incoming and outgoing are the same?   03 May 2011, 23:42

We fixed the issue. We upgraded the drivers for the NIC and it rest all of the rules to "Any Interface" instead of the bindings to the particular interface.

We really need a group edit feature instead we have to do each one by hand.

Incoming and outgoing are the same?   04 May 2011, 20:41

I've been caught out with that before too. Double packet processing caused by "any interface" use.


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