SimpleXML error: "tions" expected

Started by moro666

SimpleXML error: "tions" expected   22 June 2010, 12:31

Hi Andrew,,,

lately BWM start to show messages about things like errors in XML file

i attached a screen shot of the error message...
it says:
((( SimpleXML error: "tions" expected. )))

and days ago ,, it show something about ( penalty expected ) !

I think I typed something wrong at somewhere , BUT how can i find it , i have 227 rules

by the why... these error messages appears only when i was opening GUI of BWM for long time,,

i mean.. when just opening GUI all things are normal and it didn't show any errors,,
BUT.. when i forget it opened or minimized,, i got that error message , if i click OK ,, all things stay normal ,, traffic are streaming ,, all is good

So.. what is this ?

open | download – BWM-error.PNG (12.5 KB)
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XML Error   22 June 2010, 21:05

I would suspect a firewall between the GUI and the bandwidth manager's core (whether on the same computer or on different ones). Some firewalls tamper with HTTP data flowing through to remove advertisements from web-pages. If such a firewall mistakenly tampers with the bandwidth manager's protocol, errors like this may occur.

Try to enable protocol compression in the bandwidth manager's global options to see if this helps.

XML Error !!! Please Help   30 June 2010, 11:58

ummm... I think it's Norton Antivirus 2010 ( intrusion prevention system it has )

that's what I have install lately,, and I think it's the cause.
I disabled this feature in Norton, and things seams to be OK..

Thanks Andrew,,,

We still waiting for BWM v3.x smile

XML Error !!! Please Help   30 June 2010, 16:44

OMG i have too norton security 2010 and i have the same problem thanx for this topic

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