Installing bandwidth manager in router based internet sharing

Started by Priyantha


This hostel has a 150GB broadband connection shared by its students. Owner needs to limit usage for each student who has a network cable wired to the room. Internet connection comes from ISP to the router. Router is accessed by students via hub/switch.

How can your product support this kind of setup?

Owner cannot install any client software in student PCs.

Consultant to the owner
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Installing bandwidth manager in router based internet sharing   08 July 2010, 23:59

Basically you will need to implement a bridge between the router and the rest of the network. In order to build a software bridge you will need a separate computer equipped with two network cards. This computer will need to be plugged between the router and the switch. This is briefly outlined here. After that you will be able to create bandwidth management rules based on student computers MAC or IP addresses and impose a download cap as required.

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